Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

The release of written information to anyone who is not directly involved in the delivery of service requires a properly completed Release of Information (written) form. Verbal and/or written information regarding a person who has requested or received service may be disclosed if it is necessary to co-ordinate and/or obtain services and/or resources on behalf of the person involved.


Confidentiality is not a legal right of persons receiving service. The following obligations to disclose may be legally enforced:

  • if the records of persons who have received service are subpoenaed
  • if the Child and Family Services Act (Bill 77), Part III, Section 68 applies
  • if a person receiving service is at risk of injuring self or others, for example, information will be provided to the police, medical personnel and, if applicable, the at-risk person to assist in preventing the injury from occurring.

Professional Consultations

In the course of providing service to a person, discrete consultations with other professionals will be sought where this will assist the therapist in delivering service more effectively.


In the event that fees for service remain unpaid, only the information necessary for collecting past due accounts will be disclosed.